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Human Resources

HR Manager

If you value people as much as we do and think you can make a real difference, then this could be the opportunity for you!

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Talent Acquisition Assistant - Plymouth

If you are passionate about people and keen to develop a career in talent acquisition within a fast-paced creative environment, Sponge could be the place for you!

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HR Assistant - Plymouth

If you have a passion to pursue a career in HR and you’re eager to learn, this could be the opportunity for you!

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Demand Creation Specialist - Plymouth

Are your campaigns red carpet ready? Then this is your cue…

Creative and self-motivated, you’re so polished a marketing performer that dress rehearsals are a mere formality. With your composed approach to challenging situations, when the spotlight is on, you adapt to the unexpected and ensure the show always goes on!

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PR & Communications Specialist

PR and Comms Extraordinaire

If you’re already experienced in the world of PR and Comms but feel it’s time to unwrap the golden ticket in your future career, this could be the opportunity of a life time

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Management Cost Accountant - Plymouth

Can you see behind the numbers?

You love a challenge and you’re curious about everything! Your natural instinct is to dig deep and analyse, so you can really get to the core of how a business operates. 

If you would like to work with our dynamic and growing team as we move into the next stage of our fast-paced business growth, please contact us.

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Project management

Head of Project Management - Plymouth

Is your career ready to take off?

Like an air traffic controller, you effortlessly synchronise your fleet of project managers to ensure each project has a smooth flight and lands perfectly on time.

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Senior Project Manager - Nottingham, Plymouth or London

Master of the Orchestra

Managing projects is easy, right?

Not a chance! But like magnificent orchestral conductors, first-class project managers make it look that way. 

Our growing digital learning company understands this, and we want you. You are compulsively organised and always thinking three steps ahead. Your natural instinct is to dig deep to interpret the score, so you can anticipate what’s coming next. Even if it shifts (which it always does), that doesn’t faze you.

If you’re ready to be part of our symphony and take on a new challenge, we would love to hear
from you.

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Learning design

Senior Learning Designer - Nottingham, Plymouth, London or remote

Curiouser and curiouser, you are always looking for unique and innovative ways to bring digital learning to life. You have an extraordinarily high standard of work and a strong sense of responsibility. You love a challenge, and your natural creativity means you sometimes come up with as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.

Are you ready to take a step into wonderland?

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Learning Design Specialist - Nottingham, Plymouth, London or remote

Do you have great Learning Design skills, an in-depth knowledge of the elearning industry and a passion for delivering effective solutions for clients? Do you love using your creativity to push the boundaries of elearning?

We're looking for a creative Learning Design Specialist who excels at working with clients and supporting Solutions Advisors to shape inspiring elearning solutions. We are seeking someone who has the vision to see what is possible and the experience to know what is achievable.

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Senior Researcher - Plymouth

Ninja warrior of research required. 

Are you a master of research?

Do you want to use your powers for good? Then we should talk.

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Graduate Researcher - Plymouth

If you have a passion for research and a curious nature, you could be the missing piece to our puzzle!

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Elearning Developer - Plymouth

Achievement unlocked: Pro developer

Are you ready to level up your career in Development?

If you are the Star of Storyline, Crusader of Captivate or the Warrior of Web-dev, you could be the perfect player for us!

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Junior Elearning Developer - Plymouth


Are you ready to press ‘play’ on your career in elearning development?

If you are a creative aspiring developer who wants to build their skills and enter the world of elearning, then this could be your level up!

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