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What would you like to know about learning in Pharma?

Digital learning is opening up new opportunities for organisations, their employees and their customers to develop and grow. 

Propelled by new technologies and innovative design, digital learning is enabling people to succeed at work and businesses to meet their goals.

In this webinar, you will learn from real life examples of digital learning success across pharma and other industries. 

Award-winning learning technologies designer, Kate Pasterfield will go behind the scenes of impactful case studies to pinpoint key insights for pharma executives.

Life Sciences specialist, Dr Claire Smart will join the discussion to map digital learning solutions to some of the toughest challenges facing the pharma sector.

Throughout the webinar attendees will be able to ask questions and share their own experience through a series of live polls.

Join this interactive webinar to:

  • Explore best practice case studies with direct relevance to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Understand how learning theory underpins modern digital learning design
  • Identify the best digital learning approach to meet specific challenges 
  • Draw inspiration from the world of digital learning to empower innovation in pharma

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The Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform has delivered dramatic results for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Sponge is the official partner for Axonify in the UK, and combines its award-winning learning services with the Axonify platform to deliver measurable results for global businesses.