Axonify case study: Improving customer satisfaction with BT

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British Telecommunications (BT) is one of the world’s leading multinational telecommunication companies, offering broadband, phone, TV, and mobile services to customers in 180 countries. 

One of the company’s top business priorities was to improve customer satisfaction. As a first step, BT Consumer, responsible for providing consumer fixed-voice and broadband services, decided in 2016 to ask its customers for feedback. The response was loud and clear: first, customers wanted to speak to contact centres located in the UK (rather than overseas), and second, customers wanted their concerns dealt with by the first advisor they spoke to. 

To show customers they were really listening, BT took immediate action to create 2,200 new advisor jobs locally over a 12-month period. But, onboarding thousands of new employees within just a year time frame was no easy task. Onboarding had to be quick, but also thorough. Otherwise, the company would not be able to achieve its objective of providing a better customer service experience.    

Key Challenges: 

• Improve customer service at every level

• Reduce customer callback rate by equipping advisors to find a resolution at first point of contact

• Grow advisor knowledge, confidence, and broaden skillset on products/services to reduce call-handling time

• Reduce new recruit onboarding time so staff can speak to customers faster

“The new recruits needed a broader skillset on a wide range of products and services. We knew if they didn’t get the opportunity to put what they had learned into regular practice, they would soon forget how to handle certain types of calls - and that would result in poor customer service. We had to think differently.”
Jasha Fletcher Head of Learning Solutions Architecture BT Consumer, Customer Care

​The solution

In September 2016, BT Consumer decided to run a trial using the Axonify platform for new entrants in its Sales and Retention department.

Axonify goes beyond simply training employees.  It drives performance through knowledge, with a unique combination of adaptive microlearning, brain science and gamification with daily learning that embeds knowledge deep enough to change behaviour on the job. 

Four teams each received 30 days of classroom training and 30 days in transition where they practised taking calls with coaches. Then, two of the four teams used Axonify to continue learning new knowledge and reinforcing what they had previously learned.  

Positive results from the Sales and Retention department’s trial led to another trial in the company’s Connections department, which is responsible for helping customers get their service up and running. This time, five teams made up of 47 advisors participated in the trial in March 2017.

Because BT Consumer puts their customers at the heart of everything they do, it also plans for a wider rollout of Axonify across the company. 

“When I speak to the new advisors now, compared to previously, I would say they're much more knowledgeable. They're much more confident when talking about the products and services BT provides.”
Richard Hudspith Transition Centre Manager BT Consumer


increase in knowledge growth

reduction in call-handling time

reduction in training duration

drop in repeat customer calls

Results from the Sales and Retention department trial

  • 91% increase in knowledge growth (from 76%)
  • 2.3% reduction in repeat customer calls
  • 14 second reduction in call-handling time
  • 24% reduction in training duration 

Results from the Connections department trial

  • 86% increase in knowledge growth (from 69%)
  • 17% reduction in training duration
  • 10% reduction in repeat customer calls
  • 2.7% improvement in connection rate 

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