Senior Learning Designer

Various locations & remote

Mad Hatter of Learning Design

Are you ready to take a step into Wonderland?

Curiouser and curiouser, you are always looking for unique and innovative ways to bring digital learning to life. You have an extraordinarily high standard of work and a strong sense of responsibility. You love a challenge, and your natural creativity means you sometimes come up with as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast!.

Your experience and infectious enthusiasm inspires confidence in clients. Your undeniable commitment to the team means you are constantly helping others to learn and grow. You have a real knack for understanding client needs and aren’t afraid to dive down the rabbit hole and take a leading role on any project.

The thought of Learning Design brings a Cheshire Cat grin to your face! Your outstanding organisation, attention to detail and collaboration skills mean you always provide the best solution for every client. You have an impressive set of written and verbal communication skills which are second only to your astounding futterwacken!

The truth is, you are entirely bonkers about learning, but I’ll tell you a secret…all the best people are! 

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Job title: Senior Learning Designer

Location: Plymouth / Bristol / London / Nottingham / remote