Chris Wharton - Sponge Illustrator

Our services

Tailored. Targeted. Timely.

There’s an amazing array of learning technologies available to help employees learn. Sponge works with you at depth to understand your organisation’s unique needs and match them with tailored digital learning services that hit the mark at the right time.

Learning strategies

With mapping tools and analytics, our team will develop your custom mix of the most effective digital solutions to meet your needs, align your business goals and design from the learner perspective.



Activating the latest learning design thinking, our elearning is empowering people on the move, in the office or on the factory floor. We tailor our online learning to drive performance through knowledge.    


Games & gamification

For learning that builds mastery, boosts motivation and entertains, there’s nothing like games to inspire your workforce. Our specialist game designers expertly map the game play to your business objectives.   


Interactive video

Watching becomes doing with interactive video. We’re creating video that works harder for your business by enabling people to explore decisions and outcomes, boosting their confidence and empathy. 


Motion graphics

Bringing learning to life with bespoke illustration that harnesses the power of storytelling to spark deeper engagement. Communicate complex themes effectively with memorable explainer animations. 


360°, VR & AR

Participation sparks deeper engagement - it becomes personal learning rather than a training broadcast.  We’re helping businesses harness real value from immersive technologies to help people learn by doing.



Authentic scenarios create fail-safe environments and real-time feedback. Our experiential learning feels like the real thing, inspiring behaviour change and empowering development. 


Comms & campaigns

We create learning campaigns that boost participation and improve impact. From promotional materials to leaderboards, we know successful learning is about more than just courses.  



Manage, launch and measure all your learning programme performance from one user-friendly place. Our platforms use scientific principles and smart technology to help employees perform at their best. 


Measurement & reinforcement

Capture data and analyse the effectiveness of continuously improved performance. Our intelligent technology holds the key to personalised learning and greater impact.